Insect expression systems can represent an adequate compromise between bacterial and mammalian systems.

The Drosophila expression system  is  a simple and well characterized system that combines some of the advantages of the mammalian and baculovirus expression systems.

  • Offers reliable and reproducible stable expression of recombinant protein that lasts for several generations.
  • Ideal for secretion of protein into the media.
  • Amenable to both static and suspension cell culture.
  • Does not need CO2 conditions for growth.
  • Often has higher level of expression when compared to the mammalian sytem.
  • Most of the post-translational modifications such as glycosylation takes place in the drosophila system, exxcept for those needing some complex glycosylation involving sialic acid groups.
  • Vectors are available for both inducible and constitutive expression of proteins.
  • Within weeks we can establish a stable cell line that produces your protein.
  • Has the V5 C-terminal tag that helps in detection of the expressed protein and N or C-terminal histag for easy purification using Ni-NTA affinity chromatography column.

Available services:

Denovo scientists can clone your gene of interest with the desired tag, into a commercially available vector or can directly clone into the vector you provide us. We can also express and purify your protein.

Transient Expression service: Ideal for testing the expression, activity and solubility of a protein.

Stable expression, scale up and purification: Ideal for large scale production and scale up as well as repeated production of the same protein. Stable cell stock is ideally stored in liquid nitrogen  as small aliquots and can be thawed and the culture can be revived anytime. Licensing needed for commercial production.

Pricing: Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote and for additional information.

 Read more about it here: Insect Cells


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