Mammalian cells provide, undoubtedly, the ultimate protein expression system, in terms of appropriate modification, folding, and transport of proteins, especially those intended for human use.

Transient expression in mammalian cell lines is the most sought after method for production of  eukaryotic recombinant proteins and antibodies because of the following reasons

  • Check proper folding of the expressed proteins.
  • Test for corect disulfide bond formation.
  • Has the ability to perform complex  post translational modifications (mainly glycosylation).
  • Pilot scale evaluation of expression and optimization before scale-up.
  • Ideal for drug discovery projects and experiments where protein activity and folding are crucial.


Being in this field our scientists understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to create a successful stable cell line. It is just not enough to follow the specific protocols for transfection and cell handling  and selection in order to establish stable cell lines. There is more to it and it comes only with experience. Here's where you can take adavantage of our expertise and knowledge.

Developing a stable cell line has several advantages including.

  • Once stably integrated into the genome, the gene is stable for several generations
  • Stable cell lines can be stored and revived when needed
  • Stable cell lines produce the desired protein even after several generations - no need to clone again


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