Gel extraction of desired DNA fragments from an agarose gel  is generally done when the PCR product or DNA fragment is subsequently used for other applications such as

  • Restriction digestion
  • Labeling
  • Ligation
  • PCR

Using gel extracted DNA fragments , generally improves the chances of your success in the subsequent steps. There  are several methods by which one can extract the DNA and we generally use the spin column method. After the DNA samples are run on an agarose gel, five basic steps are involved: 1. Identify  the fragments of interest 2. Cut out the corresponding bands 3. Isolate the DNA from those bands 4. Remove the accompanying salts and stain.5. Elute the bound DNA using TE buffer or deionized water.

Sample requirement:

  • You can send your PCR sample in a microfuge tube.
  • Sample in TAE or TBE buffer


  • Gel purified fragment in TE buffer or water.
  • Before and after agarose gel picture with molecular weight markers run next to the sample - will be posted on your project page.


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