Whether you are  interested in studying the structure/ function of a protein or its spliced variants or you are looking to enhance/modify  the activity of a commercially important enzyme using the site-directed mutagenesis approach - we can help you . Listed below are some of the examples of the site directed mutagenesis projects that we offer.

  • Generating single and multiple point mutations.
  • Huge deletions and insertions and creation of new fragments - for example in the case of alternatively spliced proteins where the template DNA is not readily available.

Contact us if you have any special requirements with your projects.

Sample Submission requirements:

  • ~ 4 μg  of  vector/plasmid DNA to be mutated or sufficient amount of bacterial culture if it is to be used as the starting material.
  • Complete map of the plasmid along with antibiotic markers.
  • Instructions for mutagenesis - highlight and clearly show the regions and sequences for  deletion, insertion.


  • Customer receives ~ 3μg of purified DNA with the complete sequence information including the mutated region.

    Pricing: The basic pricing is given below. Need more information or for a quotation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    No of single mutations/plasmidPrice/single mutation in US$ for genes upto 1Kb*
    2-5 150
    > 5145

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