Questions/answers regarding antibodies.

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1 How can I optimize the antigen-antibody interaction? (Hot!)
2 What Adjuvants will be used for producing the antibody? (Hot!)
3 My antigen is expressed as inclusion bodies. Can I still send them? (Hot!)
4 Can I send my antigen as a SDS-PAGE separated gel slice? (Hot!)
5 How can I design my antigen ? Do you help ? (Hot!)
6 Do you synthesize the peptide antigen? How much time is needed? (Hot!)
7 How much antigen should I supply? (Hot!)
8 Does the size of the antigen matter? Is the antigen requirement for polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production different? (Hot!)
9 What level of antigen purity is needed? What buffer should I use? (Hot!)
10 What is the route of antigen administration? (Hot!)
11 How can I track the progress of my project ? Does the client have access to project reports?. (Hot!)
12 How do you determine the titer of the antibodies? (Hot!)
13 How do you screen the antibody producing clones? (Hot!)
14 What do you mean by bispecific monoclonal antibodies? (Hot!)
15 Who owns the rights and the IP related to the hybridomas? (Hot!)
16 What is relative affinity of antibodies? Do you perform this assay? (Hot!)
17 While designing my immunogen, is there a problem if we have a cysteine in the sequence? . Will it affect the antibody production? (Hot!)
18 When ordering polyclonal antibodies to be produced in a certain animal, should I decide when to terminate the project? (Hot!)
19 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Monoclonal antibodies Vs Polyclonal antibodies? (Hot!)
20 Electroelution of antigen from SDS-PAGE gels (Hot!)

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