At Denovo we offer plasmid DNA preparation service and can supply quantities ranging from few μgs to upto 1mg level. We work with both high-copy and low-copy plasmid DNAs and offer quality checks and a fast turnaround time.

Sample Submission Requirements:
• For Plasmid DNA quantities > 10 μg, we request that the customer supply a template DNA with a concentration of of atleast 100 ng/μl.
• The template DNA can be either be dissolved in water, TE buffer or can be supplied in dry form in eppendorf tubes.
• If you are supplying us with a bacterial stock, that is acceptable too.

Mini Prep: If you need plasmid DNAonly upto 20 μg , we recommend that you order miniprep. The minimum order for mini preps is 8. The mini prep DNA is suitable for many applications including routine molecular biology procedures such as

  • Restriction digestion
  • Ligation and tranformation.
  • Transfection
  • Sequencing

Deliverables: The concentrated DNA which is eluted in TE buffer or water as per the customer's instructions. Most of the DNA will be supercoiled.

Midi Prep: If you need 50-100 µg plasmid DNA we suggest that you order the midi prep.

Maxi Prep: If you need plasmid DNA up to 1mg quantities we recommend that you order the maxi prep.

For both midi preps and maxi preps, we offer to do quality checks including checking the appearance on a agarose gel, A260/280 ratio,concentrations, supercoiled content, genomic DNA , restriction analysis, and endotoxin level at an additonal cost.Please inquire for details.

Deliverables: The concentrated DNA eluted in TE buffer or water as per the customer's instructions.

The DNA from midi and maxipreps are suitable for a variety of applications including

  • Large scale antibody and protein production
  • Transfection and co-transfection
  • Vaccine and gene therapy studies.


Amount of plasmid DNA Price in US$
Mini prepup to 20 µgstarting at 25.00 per prep when you order ten or more
Midi prepup to 100 µgstarting at 50.00 per prep when you order ten or more
Maxi prepup to 600 µgstarting at 200.00 per prep when you order five or more

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